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Ujjaval Vaishnav

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Felicitated in Vaastu Shastra by A.I.F.A.S.

Felicitated in Astrology by A.I.F.A.S.

Ujjaval Vaishnav Vastu Shastra Felicitation
Ujjaval Vaishnav Astrology Falicitation

Self Owned and Operated 

Since 1996, I've tried to help my friends, family members, colleagues, esteemed clients & celebrity friends with the best guidance through Indian Vedic Astrology, Numerology Concepts,Vaastu Shastra (Vedic Science Behind Constructions) & Intuitive faculties. Have entertained with my vocal skills to boost up the moods of audiences too in musical events & shows and few Movies too.

I have acquired certifications in the Vedic Astrology, Indian Vaastu Science, Reiki & Pranic Healing & Mind Capacity Enhancement in addition to academic qualifications.

Some of my posts on my Facebook page contain the predictions made periodically with the proof also time stamped. On my Blog i am sharing some experiences which are usually rare.

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Ujjaval Vaishnav
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Mr. Ujjaval Vaishnav

B.Sc. (Chem.), M.B.A.(Mkt.),

Certified in Digital Marketing

"Jyotish Ratna", "Jyotish Bhushan" 

(Qualifications in Astrology)

"Vaastu Shaastracharya"

(Qualification in Vedic Science of Constructions)

Energy Healer

Singer - Stage and Recording

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